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No emergency access to gas cover

College Climbing CentrePosted by Sheila Oliver Sun, February 02, 2014 09:27:42

Will Mr Bradshaw act? Unlikely!

Email sent - 01 February 2014 06:59
Dear Mr Bradshaw

This is a photo of the dangerous and sub standard gas installation at the new College Climbing Centre on the Quay. I call upon my MP to forward this photograph to the Health and Safety Executive or the appropriate gas safety authorities because I believe such appalling installations are life threatening. There are two such installations at the Climbing Centre and both of them are substandard and unfit for purposes and are non-compliant to the Statutory Gas Installation Act 1998 para 6 see below.

I appreciate you are a very busy man and under normal circumstances, I would contact the HSE myself but as you are aware I am under lifetime email ban from the HSE and the DCC. However, I have brought this urgent matter to the attention of the DCC Chairman Mr Bernard Hughes OBE.

As you are aware, I have serious concerns for the hand safety rails and the Lightning Protection at this property.

For your information and immediate action please or shall we wait until they need body bags at the climbing centre.?

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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