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This blog is aimed at shaming those who ignore health and safety and those who abuse the Freedom of Information Act out of laziness, corruption or to cover up incompetence.

More dodgy goings on from the ICO

Information CommissionerPosted by Sheila Oliver Sun, May 13, 2018 08:03:02
Email sent - Sat 12/05/2018 20:39

Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham

Dear Madam

As you are aware, the ICO have instructed court bailiffs to recover nearly £4000 legal costs in connection with The Court of Appeal Case C3/1855/ 15th May, Dransfield v ICO.

Are you not aware that a public authority cannot use taxpayers money to seek legal redress?

Therefore, please advise your bailiffs to cease and desist harassing me for such legal costs.

I will take this opportunity in submitting a FOIA request to the ICO for all cases in which the ICO have pursued legal costs against any FOIA complainant/requester since Jan 2013.

with thanks

Yours sincerelylan Dransfield

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Vexatious to ask about too lenient sentences

Information CommissionerPosted by Sheila Oliver Fri, April 06, 2018 18:34:00

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Cambridge Analytica

Information CommissionerPosted by Sheila Oliver Sun, March 25, 2018 08:27:27
Email sent - Sat 24/03/2018 22:58

Elizabeth Denham


Dear Madam

Under protection of the FOIA please provide me with the following information ref the subject title.

1.A copy of the ICO application for the warrant.

2.A copy of the Warrant to search CA.

3.A copy of the Method Statement for the raid

4.A copy of the Risk Assessment for the raid.

5.A copy of the invoice for the combat ICO jackets.

6.A full list of all items confiscated.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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Anglian Water

Information CommissionerPosted by Sheila Oliver Fri, March 02, 2018 18:17:20

Email sent - Fri 02/03/2018 08:52

Ms Elizabeth Denham

Information Commissioner

Dear Madam

Please see the following statement from the Anglian Water Authority, who claims they have no liability for the FOIA 2000.

Such statements are, at best, misinformation and at worst published to circumvent the FOIA 2000. It beggars belief the Anglian Water Authority would publish this statement on their website. To my knowledge all the other water companies are in full compliance with the FOIA 2000. I expect the ICO to issue a heavy fine against the Anglian Water Authority for their willful breach of Section 77 of the said act. Quite frankly, I think the conduct of their CEO Peter Simpson is reprehensible.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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Scottish Information Commissioner up to the job

Information CommissionerPosted by Sheila Oliver Thu, March 23, 2017 05:37:50
Email sent - 21/03/2017

Dear Ms Denham, Information Commissioner

Please see the following article from the Scottish Information Commissioner's Office who, it would appear, has her finger on the pulse and is holding Scottish ministers to account. That cannot be said about the English Information Commissioner, who appears to have a very cosy little relationship with MPs and Judges and rogue public authorities

I would imagine something similar to this will land on your desk sooner rather than later. I do hope you don't think this letter is too vexatious or mainfestly unreasonable.


Alan M Dransfield

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FOIA Convention

Information CommissionerPosted by Sheila Oliver Thu, March 09, 2017 18:40:37
Email sent - 09/03/2017 17:35

Dear Mr Bailey, ICO Solicitor

Please advise me how many people from the UK ICO attended this convention. According to these press releases, the FOIA needs strengthening across Europe. I don't subscribe to this argument; there is nothing wrong with the UK FOIA only the people who are running it, who are dishonest and willfully blind.

With thanks

Alan M Dransfield

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Ridiculous staffing levels at the Information Commissioner's Office?

Information CommissionerPosted by Sheila Oliver Sun, January 29, 2017 07:57:45
Email sent - Sun 29/01/2017 07:03

Ben Bradshaw MP for Exeter.

Dear Sir

According to the ICO published records for their Decision Notices (DN) the ICO has completed only 34 DN this month and 35 for last month.

I do not accept such totals warrant the huge staffing Levels at the ICO.

Moreover and more importantly, their total DN numbers have had huge discrepancies for the last two weeks.

I call upon my MP to write to the Minister of Culture and Sport and the Lord Chief Justice protesting on my behalf about the ICO workload. The average total of Decision Notices for last year was 100 per month. What is also very alarming is the ICO has no idea how much each individual case costs the public purse.

I believe every FOIA case which passes through the ICO should be given a cost centre control ref number and then the ICO would be able to identify total costs of individual cases.

I am also alarmed to learn the ICO does not operate either ISO 9000 series QA/QC or ISO 1400 Environmental. It would appear the ICO is allocated a lump sum each year say £15 million pounds to run their organization and there is no fiscal accountability or ring-fence. The ICO has no QA/QC controls and for the last decade the ICO officials have been able to claim expenses without receipts. They are also still non- compliant to the Register of Interest laws.

I am of the opinion the ICO is in need of a good shakedown to improve quality of service for the general public.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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Alex Ganotis

Information CommissionerPosted by Sheila Oliver Sat, September 03, 2016 07:34:05
Email sent - 03/09/2016 06:11

Richard Bailey

Information Commissioner Solicitor

Dear Mr Bailey

Three days ago, I asked you a specific question, how long has Alex Ganotis worked for the ICO and when did he complete his Register of Interest.

You are normally very prompt with your responses, but this time you have not replied to my direct questions. I understand Mr Ganotis has worked for both the ICO and Stockport Borough Council since 2008.

I also asked you how long you have known about this.

I also asked you a question about the ICO Register of Interest for ICO officials.

May I take this opportunity is submitting another FOIA request to the ICO. i.e How many Compromise Agreements have the ICO entered into with Ex ICO Officials please?

For your information, action and files

Yours sincerely

ALan M Dransfield

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