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Letter to Editor of Western Morning News and Express and Echo

WindfarmsPosted by Sheila Oliver Sun, February 02, 2014 09:08:19


Attn The Editor of the Express and Echo and the Western Moring News. Mr Rob Simms & Paul Goodwin

Its just over one year ago since the 2 wind turbine collapsed in the SW. Don't you find it just a wee bit unusual that the Health and Safety Eexecutive have not published their report?

I rather suspect foul play was the root cause of these failures and I am not referring to the sabotage, which was bandied about at the time. I am referring to serious criminal neglect of the oversight authorities including the HSE, which allowed substandard design and construction, (allegedly) counterfeit material, etc related to these two wind turbines which collapsed like a pack of cards.

Don't you also think that the two leading newspapers in the South West have a duty of care to their readers and the community in general to follow these stories through to a final conclusion?

It is is fairly apparent that the Devon County Council and the Cornwall County Council don't give a damn for the welfare and safety of the general public ref wind turbines, otherwise the HSE report would have been published months ago and appropriate actions taken.

May I suggest you both ask the HSE why these two reports are not in the public domain.

I am disappointed and concerned that my local newspapers are turning a blind eye to such matters. I am accustomed to such shannagins from the DCC but not from the E&E &WMN.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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