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Missing Cats' Eyes on the M5

Ben Bradshaw MPPosted by Sheila Oliver Sat, December 27, 2014 16:58:06

Email sent - 29 October 2014 14:29

Dear Mr Bradshaw

I recently had to drive up to Bristol on the M5 and I must say how shocked I was to see so many missing Cats Eyes on both sides of the M5.

The cats eyes are an invaluable safety aspect of highways and motorways.

I appreciate this is outside your constituency remit, bbut I would envisage many of your constituents use the M5; hence I call upon you to write to the Ministry of Transport and ask for an explanation why there are numerous stretches of the M5 which are devoid of cats eyes.

In my view, sections of the M5 are unsafe and unfit for purpose due the omission of cats eyes. I appreciate there are 3 various Highway Authorities involved, DCC, Somerset and Avon .

No point in me submitting a FOIA request to the DCC ref this matter, as they will surely refuse it under vexatious exemptions.

Whether or not missing cats eyes on the M5 were a contributing aspect of the terrible fireworks accident in 2001 I know not.

For your information ,action and files

with thanks

Alan M Dransfield.

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