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Can you hear me Ben?

Ben Bradshaw MPPosted by Sheila Oliver Sat, December 05, 2015 16:35:08

From: alan dransfield
Sent: 05 December 2015 06:51

Dear Mr Bradshaw MP

As you are aware ,I have raised this subject matter before and I now wish my MP to write to the appropriate oversight authority because I am of the opinion it is not a question of IF such incident will occur again, BUT when.

Please see the attached photograph of the collapsed Wind Turbine at Bradworthy Devon in 2013 and you can see the bolts (approx 40 in total) snapped off at the base of the wind turbine tow

The Health and Safety Executive did not even visit the site and held no objection to a new WT being erected on the same faulty bolts, which, quite frankly, beggars belief.

As you can see, the Lightning Protection down conductor runs directly under the WT tower which also beggars belief because these conductors are bare copper tape, which means if a person or animal was standing on this tape at the time of a lightning strike, they would surely be killed.

There is no justification whatsoever to install bare copper wire under the tower.

This particular collapse was blamed on poor design and poor workmanship, which raises the question how did the HSE reach such a decision, if they did not visit the site and why did they allow a new wind turbine to be erected on faulty bolts?

I call upon my MP to write to the HSE and ask them:-

1.Why did you not visit the Bradworthy site?

2.Why did you allow the erection of a NEW WT on the same faulty bolts?

3.Why is the HSE allowing bare copper Lightning Protection to be used on WT Site?

4.What actions has the HSE taken to safeguard the general public on such matters?

The only safe action on the Bradworthy WT collapse would have been to totally demolish the concrete foundations and to start again.

I look forward to your response.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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