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Through the Information Commission Looking Glass

VexatiousPosted by Sheila Oliver Sat, December 05, 2015 16:49:21

Upper Tribunal (Information Rights)

Urgent Attention Judge Wright

Dear Sir

At the recent Video Link Hearing, I made a request to you for my my case to be upgraded to include the other 5 (FIVE) PFI schools.

I have made this request in writing to the Upper Tribunal before and been instructed to make an oral request at the hearing. This letter confirms my request to upgrade from one (1) PFI school to six (6) PFI schools.

My original request dated 28th Feb 2008 was for six PFI schools but downgraded to the ISCA College only because the DCC informed the UT and the Information Commissioner's Office that they did not hold the sought after data in PDF Format.

We now know that was a deliberate lie to pervert the course of justice by the Devon County Council.

At last week's video hearing Judge Wright denied me from upgrading my original request because he said, "I don't know anything about six PFI schools."

It is clearly held in written records that:-

1. The ICO ordered my downgrade FOIA request from 6 to 1 school.

2. The ICO and DCC are on record the sought after data is/was available in electronic format.

You also informed me you did not know which Vexatious Guidelines the DCC and ICO were reliant upon in this case. I wish to confirm that the DCC & ICO are reliant upon the September 2014 Vexatious guidelines which contains 37 pages.

In essence, they are appling 2014 vexatious guidelines to my Feb 2008 retrospectively, which you accepted.

I fervently object to Vexatious guidelines postdated my FOIA request in Feb 2008 by SEVEN (7) years.

The only Vexatious Guidelines which can be used on the subject title case are the original 5 (Five points) vexatious guidelines.

Please acknowledge this letter.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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