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Yet another request to Ben Bradshaw MP (ignored)

Chad/Cameroon PipelinePosted by Sheila Oliver Thu, January 12, 2017 17:44:46
Email sent - Tue 10/01/2017 23:09

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Please see the following regulations from the International Maritime Organization and it is clear that the Chad/Cameroon Pipeline Offshore floating storage tanker is obsolete but still in service.

The offshore floating storage tanker, the Komi Kribi 1, is a Category One(1) Single - hull tanker, therefore became obsolete on its 30th birthday. This tanker was built in 1977; hence past its sell by date.

This is a serious breach of International Maritime Organization regulations (see attached). Hence, I call upon my MP to write to the DFID and World Bank calling for this tanker to be replaced with a double hull tanker in line with IMO regulations.

Maybe Boris Johnston could have a word with Rex Tillerson about this serious safety and environmental matter!

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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