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Olympic Stadium still unsafe

Lightning ProtectionPosted by Sheila Oliver Sun, February 26, 2017 07:49:59

Email sent - 22/02/2017 06:04

Attn the London Assembly

Ladies and Gentlemen of the London Assembly

I wish to inform the London Assembly (LA) that the New Olympic Stadium (NOS) is unsafe and unfit for purpose because it has not been provisioned with adequate Lightning Protection System Safety (LPSS) and is non-compliant to the BS-EN 62305/2008.

Over the past 2/3 year period I have alerted all the oversight authorities on the stadium including the Mayor's Office, London Legacy Authority (LLA)and UK Sports Stadium Safety Authority and to date all of these have turned a willful blind eye.

The principle contractor, Balfour Beatty, is fully aware of this serious safety matter, but has also turned a willful blind eye and claimed they have bonafide Lightning Protection Certificates (LPC) for the stadium. I can confirm I have had sight of such LPC's but I can also confirm such LPC are fraudulent.

My allegations can be be verified by a simple 10 minute ocular inspection of the roofing materials which are non-metallic, hence, of zero electrical conductivity value for the dissipation of lightning strikes/charges. In order for the lightning protection to work effectively on this stadium all the roof material shall be metallic to conform with BS-EN 62305.

A simple, 5 minute ocular inspection of the project Lightning Risk Assessment document will confirm the playing area, track and a large percentage of the stadium area was not protected with any Lightning Protection System. Balfour Beatty claim that the Stadium has a Farraday Cage principle Lightning Protection System in place. More like a birdcage.

The worst case scenario if the stadium is struck by lightning during an event is several hundred or thousands could be seriously injured or killed. The roof design and manufacture would not withstand a heavy snowfall either.

To compound matters further, the crowd capacity for this stadium stands at 35.000 at this juncture, which is regularly surpassed. See the Crowd Capacity Certificate issued by Newham Council. The Lightning Protection has been willfully and knowingly compromised by Balfour Beatty as a cost cutting exercise to limit the Roof Steel Design. Most second grade school children will confirm that Roofing Material can be used in Lieu of Lightning Finnial but they must be metallic. A quick perusal of the all the roofing material will confirm they are PVC /Polycarbon which has zero electrical conductivity.

It is, therefore, hardly surprising the stadium budget has gone through the roof. So will the lightning because there is nothing to arrest it. My synopsis of these LPS failures and irregularities are supported by one of the World's finest lightning experts in the US, and I can forward his contact details if you so wish.

I call upon the London Assembly to alert HM The Queen and to ensure HM the Queen and other royal member resist attending any function at the New Olympic Stadium. I have also serious concerns for the remaining structure in the Olympic Park. Balfour Beatty are notorious scoundrels for cheating on Lightning Protection Measures. I have included the Balfour Beatty National Safety Manager Mr conductivity valves of PVC/Polycarbon.

In short, the Olympic Stadium is a lightning catastrophe timebomb and public safety has been knowingly and willfully compromised.

For your information, action and files

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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