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Gas, LPS and Weil's disease dangers

College Climbing CentrePosted by Sheila Oliver Tue, March 18, 2014 11:37:57
Dear Mr Bradshaw

As you are aware, I have reported the subject title to the Principle Contractor and to the HSE via their electronic reporting forms dated 12 /7/13. To date nobody has contacted me or acknowledged my complaint.

You are also aware that this new Climbing Centre has now been commissioned and being used by the general public. You are also aware that this new climbing centre has not been provisioned with Lightning Protection Systems in accordance with BS-EN62305/2008; hence there are two major H&S i.e. gas and LPS.

In actual fact, there are three (3) major H&S issues on these premises, the 3rd one being the failure to provide Weils disease risk assessment for the general public and DCC Instructors.

I would be grateful if you would write to the HSE and ask them why they haven't responded to my online report ref F250G2 dated 12 July 2013.

Would you also ask the HSE why they haven't responded to my online complaint form F2508 (12/7/13) ref Cowick Street Building Site without debris netting.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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