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M20 bridge collapse

Lafarge CementPosted by Sheila Oliver Mon, August 29, 2016 07:44:19
Email sent - 29/08/2016 06:44

Dear Mr Bradshaw MP

I wish to report suspicious circumstance to the M20 Bridge collapse a couple of days ago. From media coverage it would appear this concrete pedestrian bridge had not been provisioned with any reinforcement steel and there was no vertical support pier in the central reservation.

Under no circumstances would a bridge span 30 mts plus without reinforcement steel. This bridge has snapped in the middle of the bridge like a Kitcat.

It would also appear the digger which was being transported on a articulated lorry was traveling on the hard shoulder.

I fully appreciate this is outside your patch but I would be grateful if you would flag up my fears to the Ministry of Transport and the Health and Safety Executive. Under normal circumstance,I would alert the HSE but as you are aware, they have imposed a lifetime ban against me.

In light of this bridge collapse and if it is confirmed the reinforcement steel has been omitted, then all bridges in the UK need to be checked.

By the grace of god this incident (not accident) resulted in no fatalities and only one minor injury.

It would also appear that this collision occurred under slow to moderate speed; hence, god help the general public in the event the lorries were traveling at speed.

Whether or not this bridge was built with the Lafarge contaminated cement I know not, but what I do know is the incident should have and could have been avoided if the Ministry of Transport were not sleeping on the job.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield


I do hope you don't think I am being too vexatious.

Was Lafarge Cement used in this bridge construction???

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