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Too little, too late

Chad/Cameroon PipelinePosted by Sheila Oliver Sat, October 12, 2013 08:32:02

Email sent - 12 October 2013 08.22

Dear Mr Bradshaw MP

The World Bank Ombudsman report ref the subject title which I sent you earlier today is too little, too late because too much damage had been done along the 1070 km of the Pipeline between Chad and Cameroon.

The WB are now spending thousands of dollars investigating what went wrong on the Chad Cameroon Pipeline but I must question the honesty, morals and integrity if the World Bank, DFID, USAID, EU Bank and a host of other International Governments and most importantly, Exxonmobil, who have flagrantly and wilfully abused human rights and stolen international funds.

This latest WB inquiry is no more than lip service because the WB ran away from the Chad/ Cameroon Pipeline in Sept 2008. Hence, they officially washed their hands on that Pipeline in Sep 2008.

Please point this out to the current crop of World Bank Board of Directors which included George Osbourne.

For your information action and files

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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